Hair game : werk

i miss you.

Desperate for a cigarette.

I really REALLY hate my mother sometimes. Why does she have the powers to make me feel like i should just FUCKING KILL MYSELF

Why do i always have to mess things up for myself? Sigh. People leave. But at least cigarettes and booze won’t.

i love how my life right now can basically be summed up with just two words : smoke and alcohol

holy fuck. feeling so fucking shitty today. excuse my lack of eloquence and proper articulation. My brain can’t seem to process normal thoughts right now. I’m so fucking messed up what the fuck

i feel like taking ecstasy  

So fucking sick of this shit. Why do people enjoy basking in the annoyance of vague ambiguity? Sure, predictability can be a bore, but leaving a person in gut dropping suspense is like mental torture. Why can’t they be straight to the fucking point? I’ve already gave you permission to hurt me, so why not just rip off the band aid instead of dragging out the torture? What the FUCK are you doing? 

  • everyone: you promised you wouldn’t cut anymore
  • me: and you promised it would get better

fucked up big time today. I’m feeling too much, way beyond the extent of knowing what i’m feeling anymore. I can’t fucking cope anymore. 

fuck. i might be getting the habit of smoking back again.